The Morningside

About The Project

Planning without mental walls gave way to free flowing spaces where each space transitioned seamlessly to the next with ease. The kitchen had always been the central hub for the family but walls blocked not only the ability for the family to hangout easily, but also they blocked the light coming into this space making it very dark and uninviting. Walls were torn down to create a more open kitchen concept. A large island was added to create a space for the kids to hang out.

Throughout the remainder of the house, very dated accents, wood banisters and finishings were tossed to create a light, modern and environmentally conscious space. Handrails were changed to glass to allow light to disperse throughout. The flooring throughout the space was changed to bamboo. A three bedroom upstairs was converted into four rooms to create a family area for the kids to play and study. Custom wooden railings were designed to allow light into the new upstairs family area, all-the-meanwhile, ensuring the safety.

What was formerly a space right out of the 80’s, is now living in the modern day.


“You know, Audrey, every time I see your work I feel good that our home is in your hands.”

– Willy Wan (formerly with CNBC Asia)