Shelford Road

About The Project

A full, drastic overhaul was needed for this dark and not well-maintained apartment. And if we were going to gut the entire apartment, why not add an enclosed but still exposed kitchen with a view to the living room, a playroom for the children, TV room for the family, and new powder room!

Keeping the client’s pre-existing dark and heavy furniture, we decided to contrast the furnishings with clean lines and neutral fresh tones for the walls, floors and built-ins. We started by shifting the flow of the apartment so that the rooms transitioned from one to the next with ease and sense. Sliding glass doors throughout allowed for an open floor plan or to be closed for privacy when needed. The kitchen had no windows, so we added a lot of glass to shed light into an enclosed space. Finding room in the floor plan to add a new powder room into an existing tight layout plan was a challenge; but we created a new space with an Asian spa feel using Jade Green Sukabumi tiles from Indonesia together with a crackle-green, hand basin.

In the master bedroom, a piece of a Japanese Kimono inspired the overall feel, including the custom made silk Roman blinds and curtains. For the en suite master bath, we created an open concept with 2 showers, 2 basins and walk-in wardrobe. Bronze and gold accented mosaic tiles added a touch of luxury to the shower experience.