Bali Villa 26

About The Project

Surrounded by Bali’s beautiful coastal waters, a Singaporean family wanted the private pool residence at Karma to reflect their relaxed, sophisticated and casual lifestyle. The family wanted to maintain the feel of tropical Bali, but bring a contemporary, comfortably chic décor to an otherwise typical Balinese resort pool villa.

Intricately-carved teak and other wood furnishings unified with warm, nature-inspired tones coexist to create an uninterrupted cozy indoor and tropical outdoor space. A fresh mix of turquoise greens and romantic soft blue hues brought the feel of the Mediterranean to Southeast Asia. Whitewashing traditional Balinese wood furnishings lightened the spaces. Tropical landscaping throughout the property brought the lushness from the outdoors inside.

The décor served both aesthetics and function for the family – adults who wanted an elegant vacation villa experience but also a place where their young children can run around and enjoy their holidays together.